Apple TV Concept Rendered by Martin Hajek is the Stuff of Dreams; Meet the iTV!

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Martin Hajek always delivers when it comes to Apple concepts and even though this website is focused more on handsets and tablets, we can’t help but show you this wonderful design. The Apple TV set shown here is the perfect materialization of the Apple ideas and design direction from the past years.

Apple TV iTV concept 1

As you can see the TV set has the Power button in the upper left corner and its buttons are pill shaped, a trend started by the iPad Mini. The device comes in gold and black and it’s discretely curved like the latest iMacs. The key for this product’s success or failure rests in its stand, the one that’s L shaped and holds up the entire device.

Apple TV iTV concept 5

As you can see in some of the pics the display of the Apple iTV is highly curved and the screen is totally edge to edge. Such a curve, if applied smartly would increase viewing angles exponentially, since if you noticed the IMAX screens are also curved and can be seen better from any angles. This is a superb Apple TV set that the Cupertino giant may price in an exaggerate way.

[via Martin Hajek]

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