Nokia Lumia 930S Design Concept Features a Swipe Button for Some Reason (Video)

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Here we are with a new Nokia concept phone, that brings forth a brand new physical button and a sliding one too. The concept belongs to Omar Pirela, Dario Giannash and Il Matti and the inspiration comes from the swipe action in MeeGo Harmattan and the Nokia 5610. Meet the Nokia Lumia 930S:


The slide button shown here brings more navigation options to Windows Phone 8 and also to the notification center and improved multitasking screen. I know that some of you will criticize the slide button, especially because such buttons tend to break over time, but let’s just look at the phone a bit. I like what the designer has done with the lower edge, making the screen part curved or better said the glass panel at the front, that’s applied to the polycarbonate.

You know what would be cool? If inside the Swipe button or under the sliding mechanism you had a fingerprint scanner… Of course, we won’t talk specs, since the designer didn’t as well, but I did notice a pretty big camera lens and a dual LED flash. What do you make of the Nokia Lumia 930S?


[via Symbiantweet]