Xiaomi Bendable Phone Concept is Out of This World (Video)

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I have to shamefully admit I was not aware that Xiaomi had leaked a bendable phone concept, that looks sooo hot. Their piece of gear is shown below and it makes quite the impression. They’re making a flexible phone, or someone has made a flexible panel prototype for them to explore.


It’s usually Samsung or LG that experiment with such formats, with not so great success over the years, since their Galaxy Round and LG Flex experiments ended with no follow-ups. Lenovo is actually doing better, with that cool bracelet of theirs and now Xiaomi’s panel is slim enough to make it to commercial use. In case you’re wondering about the photos being edited, there’s also a video below.


Of course that one may be edited as well, but the hope of a cool flagship phone remains. Maybe the Xiaomi Mi 6 will sport such a feature, but the real challenge is making a flexible battery and motherboard to go with it… particularly with the current problems of batteries. I doubt that Xiaomi will make the panel on its own, so expect a partner to deliver. LG, Sharp or Samsung?

[via notebookcheck]

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