Xiaomi Mi Mix Flex is a Foldable Triple Camera Phone (video)

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The craziness of the foldable phones continues, this time with a Xiaomi device. It’s the Xiaomi Mi Mix Flex, that offers a foldable design and a triple back camera. It’s something we’ve seen before from Techconfigurations, who have attempted this format with Samsung and Sony devices, if I remember correctly.

What’s new here is the triple camera, as well as the ultrasonic proximity sensor. There’s also a pop up selfie camera and a 6.2 inch Quad HD foldable display, with 95% screen to body ratio. When unfolded, the device looks like your typical smartphone, with very narrow bezels. However there’s also an extra screen at the back side, which transforms the triple camera into a sort of “mega notch”.

It’ll probably work more like a second screen. The Xiaomi Mi Mix Flex closes up like a clamshell, has dual stereo speakers and a fingerprint scanner integrated within the screen. In order to flex it uses a highly durable flexible polymer joint. It feels like a reinforced titanium wallet of sort. For those wondering, the secondary screen is a 3 incher, that shows useful info like notifications, weather, calls, emails and so forth.

The colors are very vivid here but with so many glass sub parts, I have a feeling this would easily fail a bend test from JerryRigEverything. Still, I’d see it happening. By the way the pop up camera mechanism can deploy the camera in 0.8 seconds. Said camera is a 25 MP unit for selfies.

[via Techconfigurations]

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