So Apparently This is the Galaxy S10 Following Recent Leaks

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As you’ve probably heard Samsung has been mocking the screen notches for a while now, so much so that it seems unlikely they’ll ever adopt it on their devices. This is confirmed by a recent showcasing in China, where Samsung Display unveiled its next gen screens. And then designer Benjamin Geskin put the screen on a Galaxy S10 render.

Samsung wouldn’t be caught dead with a notch, but it still wants to expand the screen estate on future handsets. What to do? Well, they intend to put all components, sensors, cameras below the glass panel. The official slides show a fingerprint scanner under the screen, brightness sensors and all that too, plus haptics technology. Even the earpiece will be replaced by a system that outputs sound through the screen.

We’ve seen Sony do that with TVs and Sharp with phones. The result is a Samsung Galaxy S10 that looks very much like the one Benjamin envisioned. It’s all glass/screen upfront, with no bezels, no cutouts, nothing. The fingerprint scanner is under the display and inside the phone we find a 7 nm CPU, the Snapdragon 8150 or a next gen Exynos. Plus at the back we find a triple lens camera, with a wide, standard and telephoto lens.

It all makes sense and to be honest it feels a bit like a Huawei Mate 20 Pro rival or a P20 Pro rival sans notch. Aside from bigger screen estate I can’t see a selling point. I’d increase the battery size if I were them.

[via Benjamin Geskin]

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