Month: March 2008

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Nokia’s Very Own iPhone: N98 Concept

This great concept starts with denial from Nokia, as it seems we’re not going to see this phone getting released. Too bad that N98 has to remain a Photoshop image, since we’ve yet to see a decent touchscreen rival branded Nokia for that over-hyped iPhone. The list of specs of

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Motorola Transformer Phone, Real or Decepticon?

Now I’ve seen everything! I don’t even know if this contraption could be called a phone in the first place, but some people even claim it’s a real handset. Well, here’s its video presentation showing a perfectly OK Motorola phone morphing into a Transformer Phone: [youtube:]  

Caps Phone, Projector Included

While most cellphone manufacturers are still trying to find a way to include projectors in bulky handsets, we’ve got a slim wonder on our hands, the Caps concept phone, designed by Jean-Jacques Chanut. It features a mini-projector that allows you to watch pictures (and maybe movies as well) on the

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Vriend, Concept PDA for the Nurses

What made me check out this device was its colour, but the design’s also pretty interesting. We’re dealing with a concept PDA, called Vriend and designed by Jerin Wu, from Singapore. It was created as the perfect companion for nurses, helping them keep track of their patients and perform their

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