2020 iPhone With 6.7 inch and 5.4 Inch Screen Rendered by Ben Geskin

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Famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo usually predicts products ahead of time and he’s done it again. This time he has some info about the 2020 iPhones, which will for some reason increase diagonal for the big model and decrease it for the smaller one. And Ben Geskin made some renders based on the info.

Aside from the regular render above, there’s also a size comparison with the current gen iPhones. I see the side bezels have been seriously cut, as well as the chin. The notch also looks a tad smaller, which is very much visible on the iPhone XII particularly compared to the XS. The XS and iPhone X were already perfectly fitting for the palm, so I guess the 5.4 incher will be even comfier.

I have a feeling we may end up with an actual 5.8 inch screen in a 5.4 inch phone format, rather. The triple back camera with square module from the iPhone XI is here to stay, but it looks quite protruding this time around. It’s odd for me to see a smaller notch, since the same analyst also talked about improved Face ID mechanisms, sensors and all that jazz.

In spite of the large quantity of leaks, basically nobody can tell us what types of cameras we’ll see on the iPhone XI and XI Max. My bet is ultra wide, main camera and either a depth or telephoto lens. Apple has stuck with telephoto for too long to let it got for just a Bokeh… Especially with Huawei P30 Pro making everybody crazy with the zoom.

[via Ben Geskin]

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