Huawei Mate X2 Foldable Rendered Already, Based on Patents, Has Dual Folding Design

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While everybody is bummed about the fact that Huawei decided to delay the Huawei Mate X, we also have a silver lining. Turns out that there’s already a presumed Huawei Mate X2 floating on the Interwebs, in concept form. Letsgodigital.rog got hold of some patents and created these renders.

This is actually an older patent, from back in the summer of 2018, when it was filed with the European Patent Office in the Netherlands. This time we get a different format compared to the Huawei Mate X, meaning that the device has a dual folding setup, with two side “flaps” as the extra screens. They can be bent behind the main screen, leaving curved sides in the smartphone format.

What you’re seeing here is only one of the 3 designs proposed by the patent. One has bigger top and bottom bezels, another one has a top bezel and the third has no bezel at all. We can’t help but wonder where the sensors and front camera will be. This actually reminds me of the Xiaomi folding phone that leaked in January this year, a bit.

The source says that the flexible screen on this Huawei phone is held in place by magnets and the folding mechanism looks solid and ingenious. There are two hinges here, mounted on each side of the housing. Each hinge shape helps with support for the folded screen, as it all curls up nicely around the housing. Basically, the phone is able to triple its screen estate with a simple opening of the sides.

Those two “flaps” feel a bit fragile in tablet mode and the phone itself looks rather bulky. The “laptop” mode is rather enticing.

[via Letsgodigital]

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