4 Exclusive Offers You Should Expect from Any Telecom Apple iPhone Pro

Whether you’re purchasing an Apple iPhone or subscribing to a monthly contract, there’s no better time to do it in an imminent promotion. It’s a norm for most telecom providers in Singapore to offer perks to appeal and offer an incentive to their customers. Whether you fancy an Apple iPhone promotion from M1 or any other provider, there are a few exclusive offers you should expect. Here’s an insight into what you need to expect in any Apple iPhone promotion in Singapore.

1. Free data promotion

Everyone fancies unlimited surfing on the internet, streaming video games, movies, or working. And while you may purchase data as part of a plan, a few providers, including an Apple iPhone promotion from M1, add on an exclusive data deal. An unlimited data deal would be ideal, allowing you to spend more hours on the internet, stream or even download useful files. However, this offer is typically limited to a specific period and can span a day or two every week during the promotion period. Sometimes, a telecom provider you’re switching could offer data perks, and that suitably happens during promotional spells.

2. Cost-exemption on SIM cards and delivery

You could enjoy an Apple iPhone purchase more if multiple free offers are available. In this regard, you should expect cost-free registration, a free sim card and perhaps, free delivery to your place. Usually, online Apple iPhone purchases or plan contracts come with paid delivery, but it’d take a long time to wait until offers are available. An Apple iPhone promotion from M1 or Singtel can be worth the bang of your dime and time. That’s possible because they usually provide these perks like exclusive offers to their customers.

3. Uncharged apple music streaming

If you’re lucky, you’re warranted unlimited Apple Music if you’re a new subscriber. The glad tiding is that Singapore has a broad coverage for Apple Music, and therefore, any telecom provider in Singapore can deliver on the promise. Although this offer has strict restrictions, there’s a chance that you’ll meet the eligibility requirements pretty seamlessly. Only keep in mind that some Apple music promotions may be a part of a premium subscription upon the lapse of the uncharged period. However, please don’t confuse them for the free trials with the subscription.

4. Impressive product discounts

You can also expect huge coupons and discounts off the total purchase on your handset during Apple iPhone promotions. However, some perks from telecom providers in Singapore, including the Apple iPhone promotion from M1, may require that you sign up for their Bespoke Contracts. Others may provide the offer right on without mandating you to additional subscriptions, which is also commendable. All the same, it is all about how fulfilled you’d feel with the perk, regardless of how you receive it.


Singapore has numerous telecom providers that offer juicy promotions, and it’d be best if you understood what to expect. Some promotional offers may be downright unsatisfying, while others can be entirely fulfilling. However, most offers, including the Apple iPhone promotion from M1, Singtel, and StarHub, offer the best perks, which it’s imperative to know about.

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