Tips and Tricks to Win and Survive in PUBG Mobile

Player Unknown’s Battleground [PUBG] is an online shooting game without introduction. It is popular in every age group and gender. It was designed by an Irish game designer Brandon Greene aka player unknown.

PUBG mobile has a huge user base and intense gameplay. You have to be extremely good to survive till the end as competition is very tough. Today, we bring some of the best tips and tricks that you can use to enhance your gameplay and eventually win. 

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Optimize your Settings

Setting optimization is necessary for gaining a good gaming experience and handy controls. You can turn on aim assist, so it becomes easy to shoot and aim simultaneously. 

Also, you can switch between the first-person view and third-person view according to your comfort and demand of the situation. It will improve your gaming abilities. Try to play with both hands and allocate the fire controls, aim, crouch, run, and peek wisely.

Strategize Every Move

You cannot randomly land and expect to win every fight, and you have to make a perfect strategy before every move. First, land on a place that has sweet loot to have a better chance of winning against your enemies. 

Don’t just rush on every enemy you see; first see its moves and then anticipate its actions, and then you try to get it by surprise. Don’t get into unnecessary firefights when you can end the battle with just a grenade.

Use High-Quality Headphones

This might sound like a very primitive thing to do, but it indeed has its benefits. Using good-quality headphones will enable you to listen to every incoming enemy and its direction, and you can plan your attack accordingly. 

It will also allow you to hear a hostile car in the open, so you can become alert and avoid being hit. You can also stay focused in the game as external noise gets cut off; you can also communicate with your teammates effectively, which will increase the chances of your survival.

Stay with Your Team

Staying with your team is the smartest thing you can do while playing. In its fast-paced action, if you stray too far from your teammates, then there is a high chance you will end up getting cornered by an enemy squad and get knocked out.

In that situation, no one will be there to revive and cover you, and you will die, leaving your team outnumbered. So it advised that you play as a team, and the time your every movement precisely and divide your scout, attack, and supply roles.

Use Smoke grenades and Flashbangs

Sometimes, players ignore these non-incendiary explosives, which becomes their fatal mistake. Flashbangs and smoke grenades prove to be an excellent distraction for the enemy. 

And you can get out of hairy situations effectively if you enter a house you suspect is infected with an enemy. Before rushing to kill the enemy, use flashbangs to blind it and thus destroy it quickly. 

If you are in the open and start getting fire from somewhere, you can use smoke grenades to hide your position and heal or revive your teammate.

Use Vehicle to Travel

Running in the open to get from one position to another can be very risky, as, in the open, you become an easy target. Therefore, you should use vehicles to travel through open spaces as it is a fast option to get away from dangerous areas and get to cover.

Also, you should park your car in a different house than in which you are planning to get in. It will confuse the incoming enemy and get time to position yourself for a perfect attacking position.

Keep Practicing

There is no other way to become a PUBG mobile pro than this. It would be best if you kept practicing and perfecting your moves. Try to land on hotspots to get habitual of intense situations, and your hand-eye coordination also improves with time. 

However, practicing is one thing, and getting addicted to it is another. Take breaks between your games, and do not put your other important thing in life behind you just because of this game.


These were some tips and tricks that you can follow to ace this game and become invincible. Happy gaming!

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