Apple AirPods 3 Leak Spurs Tons of Concept Designs

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Apple may have announced quite a few products during their September event, but didn’t launch them all. We’re still due an iPad Pro or two and also a MacBook. Apparently, the AirPods 3 were also prepared, but for a later release. Today we get to see a leak for the headphones and also we get a bunch of renders for them, courtesy of designer Phone Industry.

The first thing that I noticed about the new Apple headphones is the hugely funny comparison with a pea shooter from Plants vs Zombies. It seems that Apple revamped the design of its AirPods, with a more elongated bud that goes into the ear and a smaller outer body. Phone Industry used SolidWorks and Keyshot to render the new headphones and shows then in Steel, Black, Orange and regular white.

This device actually reminds me of the older Samsung headphones, that they used to bundle with last gen midrange handsets. I expect a price above $120, also improved battery life, especially for the carrying case. One of the things I loved about the recently launched Surface EarBuds was the ability to control Office apps, like PowerPoint slides and real time translation. That would be nice to have here as well.

As least Apple should give us extra Siri interactions and I’ve also heard of some fitness features being included on the headphones. Design-wise, I feel that Apple may be stepping away from its iconic approach and entering normie territory.

[via Phone Industry/ BGR]

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