If Apple Made the Facebook Phone… a Eduard Zhikharev Concept

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Eduard Zhikharev sent me a very interesting email with yet another Facebook Phone concept, but one that’s different than the previous designs. You must’ve heard that Mark Zuckerberg hired some former Apple engineers to create the design and hardware of the FB phone. Well, that’s maybe why this concept looks like an iPhone.

From what I can see here, Eduard used the design elements recently rumored concerning the iPhone 5. I have to admit that if the iPhone 5 would be THE Facebook Phone, it would be the biggest surprise ever. This Facebook Phone concept has a front camera on the left side of the earpiece, very discretely integrate, plus small volume and camera keys on the side. At the back there’s something that looks like a pair of LED indicators under the camera, that’s maybe a 5 or 8MP unit.

The smartphone has physical notifications, an optimal size, it uses high end materials and allows the user to create Facebook posts with a single click. There’s a metallic ring around the camera lens and I found it interesting that Eduard mentioned “inspired by the best”, implying that the Apple iPhone is the best. So, would you buy an “Apple” Facebook Phone?

[Thanks Eduard!]