Apple iBand Envisioned by T3: Health Features, Fitness and Watch Functions (Video)

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What if all those Apple iWatch concepts were wrong and the Cupertino company is actually preparing a bracelet of sorts? T3 imagined the iBand, an unofficial concept render of a bracelet of this kind, that you can check out in the video below.

apple iband

Obviously, this model also serves as a watch, so yes, you can dub it the iWatch. The iBand has special sensors and monitors, like a heart rate monitor, syncing your iOS device to heart analysis software. There’s also GPS Tracking with evolved jogging features, including distance, calories and  a map of your run.

iband 5

iBand features a  Sleep Tracker and a bunch of specialized apps, like the HealthBook, a centralized hub for all things health on iOS. As you can see this, iOS bracelet has a Home Button with Touch ID and a very well hidden Lightning port with Magsafe. There’s iBeacon integration for special offers and the ability to sync with other iOS devices.

Siri is integrated here and a bunch of notifications can also be shown on the small screen of the bracelet. I have to say I’m quite in love with this model…



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