Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max Concept Gets Colorful Twist Thanks to Hasan Kaymak

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There’s been no shortage of iPhone 12 concepts that’s for sure. For some reason everybody prefers to render the big iPhone 12 Pro Max and that’s exactly what designer Hasan Kaymak did. Let’s check out the result.

The device uses a triple back camera, but this time also adds a 3D ToF sensor, to keep up with the trends. Since we have this add on, it’s also put an extra use. Now you can scan objects and save them as 3D Items, in order to 3D print them, for example. The iPhone 12 Pro Max is clearly based on the design of the iPhone 11 Pro Max, but it finally gives up on the notch.

The bezels still feel kind of big and we still get the combo of glass + metal + glass. We also get to see inside the device, having a look at the Apple A14 Bionic CPU and the huuuuuge 6000 mAh graphene battery. I can’t see how Apple would squeeze such a battery inside. The look inside is actually spectacular in rendering, in the video below and Hasan Kaymak really did a fine job. He even envisioned a modular design, with replaceable parts, that intertwine and easy to swap with new components.

The Apple A14 has the lion’s share of the space inside. There are also multiple pins used to connect components, by the way. RAM goes to 8 GB, so this beast is crazy. 1 TB of storage is also here and the front camera is probably hidden under the screen. Renders also show a new iPad, a new Apple Pencil and more goodies if you look closely. While the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max are matte, the iPhone 12 Pro Max seems to go back to a glossier approach.

Love the modularity to be honest!

[via Hasan Kaymak]

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