Apple iPhone XS Goes Smaller, Gets Crazy Triple Front Camera (Video)

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We’ve seen the iPhone X, also the iPhone X Plus concept and now there’s an iPhone XS out there. This one should be smaller, judging by the name, but instead it’s got some interesting specs, like a triple front camera. It’s the creation of PHConcepts and we detailed it below.

First of all, the format is familiar, with stainless steel frame, notch and all, plus the dual back camera vertical orientation. This time the back side doesn’t seem to be covered in glass anymore, or rather it feels matte instead of glossy. This smoky black version is also rather unusual and draws the eyes, but not as much as a glossy back.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this whole phone was fully made of metal. I once again find the frame to be too beefy, just like I did in the case of the original iPhone X. I’m surprised more people didn’t complain about it, to be honest. A triple front camera means that aside from improved Face ID, we also get some AR action, high end selfies and improved Animojis.

Sadly, the notch looks even worse this way…

[via PHConcepts]

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