Apple iWatch Perfect Concept Created by Sahanan Yogarasa (Video)

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I have seen my fair share of iWatch concepts, but few have charmed me like the one rendered by Sahanan Yogarasa. You can watch it in action in the video below and be prepared, since the awesomeness that follows will dazzle you.

iWatch concept Sahanan Yogarasa 6

This iWatch appears to have a polycarbonate body and it comes with a very crisp screen. The belt seems to combine some sort of fabric and plastic and we also get a front camera on the device’s body, as well as a Touch ID sensor and Home button. It runs iOS 8, offers 4 GB of storage, comes with 512 MB of RAM or 1 GB and a 2 megapixel camera with Full HD recording. The iPod player is also included, as well as an email app and there’s a huge variety of colors included here.

Imagine the outer layer of an iPhone 5 bent in a totally new shape and strapped on top of a metal chassis with a round shape. That’s what we get here and I see there’s also Twitter and a phone call app. Don’t be surprised if there’s a heart rate sensor on board as well. You know what would blow everyone’s mind? Checking your blood pressure with the watch.

iWatch concept Sahanan Yogarasa 1

iWatch concept Sahanan Yogarasa 2

iWatch concept Sahanan Yogarasa 3

iWatch concept Sahanan Yogarasa 4

iWatch concept Sahanan Yogarasa 5

iWatch concept Sahanan Yogarasa 7

[via Sahanan Yogarasa]

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