Apple triBook Features a 21 Inches Screen, MacBook With a Full Size Trackpad

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Open up your MacBook! No, really open it up… only to realize that there could be more opening done, if you had the latest Apple triBook device. Haven’t you heard? It’s the hottest item this Christmas. Everybody has one… Go get it!


Now that you’ve come back to your PC realizing that there’s no such thing in stores yet and that this is only a concept, learn this: the triBook might be more real than we think, specially since Apple’s always quiet about its hot new devices. What this new laptop brings to Apple’s series of portables is the huge screen, which gets two extra side displays, that make up a total of 21 inches of screen space to glance at.

Aside from the lateral folding screens, the Apple triBook also comes with a huge trackpad (the same size as the keyboard), an 8x SuperDrive, I/O connectors, a top notch HDD and the typical MacBook CPU.

Some folks still insist that this is a real deviceā€¦ What do you think?

[via Dvice and SlipperyBrick]