Apple Watch 2 Silver, Black and Gold Rendered on Video by Mesut G Designs and JustChris

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Last I heard we weren’t that far from the Apple Watch 2, with the product being in development already. Today we found 2 concept videos of the device, created by designers JustChris and Mesut G. Designs. So, if you’re curious to see what the future Apple timepiece is all about keep on reading.

Apple Watch 2 concept mesut g designs 1

First of all we’re shown black, silver and gold editions of the products. The new Apple Watch seems to have a more abstract band and a larger body with a seemingly curved glass facade. I’m not very sold on the way the belt is clipped to the round metal body. I see that now we’re getting two physical buttons aside from the crown one and the pulse sensor is much more discrete.

Apple Watch 2 concept mesut g designs 2

One thing that rumors keep mentioning is a front FaceTime camera on the Apple Watch 2, but I can’t quite spot that here. Two things that would have to change are the thickness of the device and its battery life, with the latter being improved if possible. These designers seem to have placed the device’s camera on the belt clip, unless I’m mistaking.

What do you think?

Apple Watch 2 concept mesut g designs 3

[via Mesut G Designs and JustChris]

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