Concept iPhone Edition Feels Sleek and Classy, in Thiago Moreira’s Vision

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Interestingly, designers seem more fond of creating iPhone Edition concepts, rather than making the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus renders. That’s because it doesn’t happen very often that the world’s most successful smartphone series turns 10 and it should be marked as such. The latest iPhone Edition has been rendered by Thiago Moreira Duarte and can be seen below.

The Brazilian designer envisions an iPhone with a dual camera, that’s oriented horizontally, not vertically as the leaks show. It comes with 4 speakers, two at the top and two at the bottom, seemingly taking a leaf out of the iPad Pro playbook. Obviously the front panel has ultra narrow bezels, 4 mm thick, if recent leaks are to be believed.

In spite of the assured quality of the materials here, the gloss and vibe of the renders makes me feel we’re dealing with an iPhone 8c of sorts, made of plastic. It could be ceramic or a different type of glass, but the texture is ambigous. An interesting feature is that the front camera is stuck within the screen panel and the display can even show images above it, if my eyes don’t betray me.

Thiago Moreira also envisioned a horizontally scrolling list of app shortcuts at both the top and bottom of the screen and a fingerprint scanner embedded in the panel. Some nice ideas here, but I’m not sure of the material texture.

[Thanks Thiago Moreira Duarte]

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