Edgar Rios iWatch Concept Tries to Keep as Much of iOS as Possible

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Edgar Rios is the latest in the series of designers who tried to imagine the iWatch. He sees a more squared device, sort of like a smaller iPhone , with a pretty solid belt.

iwatch big 1

It’s interesting that the designer tries to keep as much of the iOS experience as possible in such a small format. Basically, this is just like those iPod Nano watches from the past year or so. By the way, Apple has a slap wristband form factor patented recently, so this concept may take advantage of a flexible or curved display and the new wristband.

iwatch big 2

Seeing how people are already returning their Galaxy Gear watches, maybe it’s a good idea to wait for the smartwatch market to mature before Apple launches one. An iWatch with such a big facade wouldn’t be a fashion statement, but it would be actually usable on its own, maybe even without an iPhone…

iwatch big 3

iwatch big 4

[via 9to5mac]

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