Flexible Screen X Phone Becomes a Bracelet

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While browsing the web searching for new iWatches and Nexus 10 renders, I came across something that looked like an iPhone, but wasn’t named like one. Created by Degra Studio from Poland, the X Phone is basically a flexible display phone.

x phone 6

This flexible screen device can bend around your wrist and turn into a bracelet. It seems to run an older version of iOS and it has an ultrathin sheet of paper as a body, coupled with a main area made of plastic and probably storing the essential components. The sheet of glass bends easily without breaking and I can’t guarantee it’s the typical glass.

It could be a special organic LED material or something completey new and transparent. We’ve seen Sony, LG and Samsung showing similar screens at CES and MWC, but they haven’t reached any commercial versions yet. The X Phone is a good concept, but in real life the black body of the bracelet may feel like it’s a bit too big.

[via Behance]

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