Motorola Announces Customizable Handset Ara, a Modular Phone

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Motorola seems to have found some inspiration in the Phonebloks idea, so they started a new initiative called Project Ara, that involves a modular phone concept.

motorola ara 1

The idea is simple: Motorola creates the skeleton of a handset, that includes a motherboard and some modules that you can install and replace. Users who want better cameras, CPUs or improved memory will just have to switch modules and they’re all set. Moto claims that Ara will do for hardware what Android did for software.

It’s supposed to create a third party developer ecosystem, with everyone tweaking their handsets to a higher level. We’ll have to see what connections will be used to keep the modules together, but for now this sounds like another one of those projects that are good on paper and fail to materialize.

motorola ara 2

motorola ara 3

[via Android Authority]

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