Two Things We’ll Never Have: a Nokia Phone With Android and an Xperia With Futuristic Design

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If you look at the last 30 Sony Xperia concepts published on this site, they’re all rectangular devices and every time I post one to Facebook it gets dozens of likes and shares. Back when this website started, in 2008, we had crazy good sci-fi concepts of Sony Ericsson devices, like the one below. This post is about things that will never happen…


A quick look at the statistics related to this website shows that many of you are looking for a “Nokia Android phone“, although we all know that can’t happen. The closest we’ve come to it is a Nokia N9 with some heavy mods and hacks and Jelly Bean barely running on it. Still there are some good renders of such phones and even a Nexus Nokia was imagined.


Another thing that may never happen is a cool Sony Ericsson phone with an EVOLVED design. Sony keeps sticking to the same awful rectangles, with the same waterproof and dust proof thing and don’t get me started on those lids for ports! Glass was bad on Xperia Z, that creepy edge is awful on the Xperia Z1 and the Xperia Z Ultra is actually the only decent looking new model they have, but it’s too big.

What happened, folks? When did Nokia and Sony lose desire for making something beautiful?


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