New Hasan Kaymak HTC Render Has racing Stripes, No More Beats Audio

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As you know, HTC and Beats Audio have gone through a divorce and renders are already starting to reflect that. Hasan Kaymak is known for his HTC concepts and this new one is a pretty good creation.

htc boomsound

We’ve been hearing about a future HTC M8 for the past 24 hours, a potential follow-up of the HTC One, so why not make it this one? The design here features racing stripes, BoomSound instead of Beats Audio and an interesting looking camera area, that doesn’t seem to reveal a flash. From what I’ve heard future devices will integrate a ring around the camera as a flash, so this may be the case.

Or maybe the flash is hidden in that dual red line at the back of the handset… BoomSound means that audio quality will be kickass on this model and if you allow me to call it the M8, I expect to see either a Snapdragon 800 here, or a surprise quad core Bay Trail or maybe another surprise: an 8 core MediaTek. Time will tell…

[via Hasan Kaymak]

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