iPhone Air Rendered by Ciccarese Design, Follows Jony Ive’s Words

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It appears that Jony Ive recently said that he wants to make the Apple products uniform, so the next iPhone might as well adopt the iPad Mini design that the iPad Air adopted. Ciccarese Design took that idea and turned it into… the iPhone Air.

iPhone Air concept 1

This iPhone concept features a Touch ID fingerprint scanner, a metallic band around the edges and speakers that look more like those on the iPad Mini than the iPhone 5s. The edges of the handset are slightly more rounded than before and so are the corners. I’m guessing we’re finally moving to a bigger screen diagonal, perhaps a 4.5 inch or even 5 inch one.\

iPhone Air concept 2

The iPhone Air would also have to feature a higher resolution since “Retina” is not impressive when you have 2K phones lurking on the market. The camera may evolve past 8 megapixels and storage could get a bump to 128 GB. One thing the iPad Mini and iPad Air have in common is the excellent case temperature and grip. Maybe the iPhone 6/Air will get that as well. Kudos Federico Ciccarese for a great render!

iPhone Air concept 3

[via Ciccarese Design]

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