Windows Phone 9 Concept Runs on Nokia Lumia 1520

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On the WPcentral forums we’ve stumbled upon an interesting Windows Phone 9 concept, running on the Nokia Lumia 1520. Designed by user PoUria, the render seems to be very clean and brings a few new interesting elements.

windows phone 9 concept

What WP9 needs, among others is a wallpaper, something that even Apple discovered over the past months. I like how the tiles are spaced now and I like how the apps list looks, actually showing more than an uninspired icon. The famous “X” to close screens is back in the left swipe menu, that now includes pictures, videos and people Hub.

New tile sizes are included here and hopefully a new notification system. Everyone wants the tiles to be more dynamic and show more information, like email previews and tiny images of what’s behind the tile. I would very much like to see the lockscreen of this Windows Phone 9, if possible… What do you think?

[via wpcentral forums]

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