How Can a VPN Help You to Protect Your Apple Devices?

Apple devices are generally safer due to their iOS being a closed system. The manufacturer doesn’t release its source code to app developers. Furthermore, iPhone and iPad owners usually can’t modify the code, resulting in security flaws.

However, both Android and iOS users are susceptible to cyberattacks. Malware and viruses, phishing attacks – Apple devices are susceptible to them just like any other OS. However, a VPN can help you protect your Apple devices even further.

Benefits of Using VPN on Apple Devices

A VPN is a virtual private network. Basically, it encrypts your online information. This allows you to browse the web more privately and under anonymity. Hackers won’t be able to target you as easily as they would if you weren’t using a VPN service.

To understand precisely how a VPN works and how it can protect your Apple devices, here are some benefits of the VPN app:

Location Spoofing

Everyone browsing the internet may sometimes encounter websites that accurately pinpoint their location. Many websites use this to promote their products that might interest people specifically in that region.

Now, if a simple website can do this, imagine what an ill-intended hacker can do with your online information. Take into consideration how easy it is for them to access it. With a VPN app, you can avoid this.

A VPN will bounce your traffic between various locations, making it harder, almost impossible for websites to track your location. Would-be attackers will also find it very challenging to pinpoint your location.

The VPN encrypts your online information by using multiple fake networks to hide your real one. With their geo-location option, you can manually choose what countries you wish to change your network to.

This exciting feature also comes with other benefits as well. Say, for example, you are traveling. Public WiFi is the most dangerous unsecured connection available to the public. However, when you travel, you will inevitably have to use it.

With a VPN, any public WiFi connection becomes secure. More than this, by changing your geo-location with a VPN app, you can access geo-restricted content. For example, let’s say a Netflix movie just came out in Europe, but you can’t access it since you are in the U.S.

You can change your geo-location to Europe and enjoy that movie. This also applies to video games, news, or any other type of information that might be blocked in your actual location.

You can Use it On Multiple Devices

Macs don’t offer secure encryption by default. However, a VPN app (  can be installed on your smartphone, Macbook, or just about anything. You can secure your entire network with a VPN. Some VPN providers even use the killswitch feature.

For example, you become vulnerable if your VPN service isn’t working due to connection issues. The killswitch feature on a VPN automatically disconnects your devices from the internet if this occurs.

This extra measure of protection ensures cybersecurity even when you’re unaware of the things that happen on your PC. When your VPN connection returns, your data and privacy remain protected continuously. 

Another excellent security advantage of a VPN is the privacy that comes with it. Everyone uses multiple devices to browse the internet. Your information is constantly stored and tracked. Even your internet provider can decipher what sites you regularly visit.

All of this information, including saved passwords, is accessible to hackers as well. With a VPN, your traffic patterns are masked. This makes tracking and storing information harder. The VPN service will bounce your traffic from the server to the server, making it extremely hard for anyone to access that information.

Do You Need a VPN for Your Apple Devices?

Having a VPN installed on your Apple devices comes with many benefits and no downsides. Depending on the VPN provider you choose, there are numerous advantages that you can choose from.

These include internet speed, more geo-locations, additional safety features such as the killswitch mentioned above, and the number of devices you can use for your VPN. Though Apple devices are generally safer to use than Android, everything online is susceptible to cyber threats. 

Not to mention that Apple devices don’t guarantee your privacy, and they don’t encrypt your information. A VPN can protect your Apple devices and will also give you several other advantages. The most important, apart from security, is the privacy that you can enjoy once you start using a VPN.

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