I Just Fell in Love With the iPhone Slide Pro Concept

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I didn’t expect my world to be rocked by a dual screen iPhone today, but that’s exactly what happened. I must’ve watched the video below 10 times and I was flabergasted each time. It’s truly something special. Let’s check out the iPhone Slide Pro concept.

First of all, I’m not sure who started and made the video, since it was reshared a lot. By all accounts the source is Instagram account bat.not.bad from New York. At its core this is a wider iPhone sans notch, that has a sliding part below the screen, hosting a second screen. It reminds me of the HTC Desire Z, but replacing the physical keyboard with a second screen. I feel that Lenovo would be able to pull this off, having made a dual screen tablet/laptop with a vaguely similar principle, but with a hinge.

What’s special about this 3D render is how glossy everything is and how distracting the supercar behind it is. The rose gold bezels are truly catchy here and the back camera seems to feature 3 sensors. The sliding portion moves to the right first, with a smaller portion of the display available for quick commands, like snapping pics or media controls. That’s the right swipe, while the left swipe reveals a larger screen, that works as the keyboard, icon list, Instagram feed and selection of homescreen apps. The video shows someone watching a video and using a social network at the same time.

Since Huawei and Samsung want $2000 or more for their foldables, this type of device would be $3000 for Apple, or maybe more. The transition from portrait to landscape and viceversa is seamless here. We NEED this to happen, since it would definitely gain traction in the community of Nokia E Series and N Series fans. However Apple has never been a fan of fickle mechanisms like sliders…

[via Iskander Utebayev]

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