Imagine if the iPhone X Design Went Mainstream on All Apple Products (Video)

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The folks of Curved/Labs have produced some amazing designs over the years, especially Apple ones, drawing inspiration from old school products. Now they’re going as new school as possible, by using the iPhone X design on EVERYTHING. And I do mean everything, including MacBooks, the Apple watch, iMacs and more. Be sure to check out the video below.

“Borderless” is the operating word here, since we get both a smaller and larger Apple Watch with no borders, two sizes of iPhone X (that look pretty badass by the way) and a laptop and AIO PC. The iPad looks simply crazy, but with that amount of glass it’s a breakage waiting to happen. I’ve already seen companies making bezel less monitors, so Apple’s edge to edge All in One PC or display shouldn’t be far off.

To be honest I find the Face ID and sensor integration on the iPad to be more elegant and subtle than the one of the iPhone X, but they had more space there, so it makes sense. One thing that will probably instantly demolish this concept is the difficulty of producing Face ID components with good yields. It would be years before it gets the needed mass production to reach all these devices.

Also I feel that a bezel less screen is wasted on a laptop. Let’s get a bigger iPad Pad Pro and hook it up to a keyboard and that’s it. Just make the hybrid iPad MacBook Air 13.3 incher already!

[via Curved/Labs]

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