Microsoft Surface Note Gets Remade by Designer Ryan Smalley

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This summer designer Ryan Smalley amazed us with the Microsoft Surface Note concept, a dual display smartphone that was able to turn into a tablet. He now went back to the design, followed some of the leaks that happened in the meantime, patents too and turned them into the new Microsoft Surface Note.

He used SolidWorks, Keyshot and Paint 3D and did it all on a Surface Pro. This time Ryan made the hinge ultra small, almost invisible, but still it’s there and feels solid. There’s a Surface Pen working on the device and I seem to have spotted a dual camera in the mix, in a special cutout that also includes the flash. The product seems to also work in a sort of tent mode and when closed it feels like a mini laptop.

The chassis is most likely made of magnesium and when used in laptop mode, this device can show a virtual keyboard, in tandem with the main screen. I see that the stylus attaches magnetically to the side, even becoming discrete next to the hinge. This Surface Note may just bring back the idea of a PMP or MID and it may as well be a Galaxy Note 8 killer. I feel that the diagonal is quite large, but I need some other device next to it for scale.

The big question is what kind of OS it runs, since Windows 10 Mobile is basically dead. I have to admit I’m in love with the design of that hinge mechanism.

[via Behance]

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