OnePlus 5T Gets the Concept Creator Treatment; I’m Liking It Better Than the Leaks (Video)

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You’ve probably seen a ton of renders for the OnePlus 5T so far, most of them fake. Some of them were actually renders of Oppo phones, some of them were slightly modified OnePlus 5 models. And now Concept Creator lends his take on the newcomer, that may even arrive this year.

Some say we’ll see it in about a week or two, but there’s no way of telling. The device looks pretty stylish, now with narrower bezels and the facade reminds me of a ZenFone 4 or maybe one of those new Huawei phones, with narrower edges. Gone is the Home button with fingerprint scanner, now moved at the back, although I kind of feel we’ve surpassed the square finger scanner phase.

The camera seems to protrude a bit more than on the OnePlus 5 and the flash also feels bigger. Obviously, there’s still a metal body here, a sturdy and solid one, but slimmer than the OnePlus 3 and 2 of course. This may just be the biggest OnePlus yet, at 6 inches in diagonal and it moves on to the popular 18:9 aspect. It’s also very likely that one of the back cameras will have the brand new F/1.6 aperture and the other will have F/2.6.

OnePlus 5T doesn’t look bad in Concept Creator’s version, but I feel that the edges could have been even more rounded, maybe dangerously rounded, making the device slippery a bit. The latest rumor tells us that this phone is coming a bit after November 20 now, so expect even more leaks to pour till then. The secret to how comfy the phone will be will be how narrow it is.

[via Concept Creator]

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