OnePlus 5T Render Doesn’t Look Legit, But It May Predict the Future

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We’ve been hearing a lot about the OnePlus 5T lately, as the rumors about the OnePlus 6 have started to calm down. The new OnePlus will be an evolution of the current one, that recently ran out of stock. It’ll go with an 18:9 narrow bezel panel and judging by the image below it’ll look a lot like a Galaxy S8.

This render comes from SlashLeaks and even they can’t guarantee its authenticity, as the community offers it a chance of about 13% to be real. Similarities with the Galaxy S8, LG G6 and iPhone X are clear, from the rounded edges and corners to the way the buttons are placed. There’s no picture of the back side, but that’s probably easy to predict: dual camera and gloss.

Till now, OnePlus hasn’t made changes on “T” versions of its phones, as the OnePlus 3T was a rather minor upgrade for the OnePlus 3. Switching things up so soon after a flagship is a sign a company is rushing or it’s unhappy with the current sales, or both. At least that’s a way to experience a much larger screen and an improved and sexier design.

One reason to believe this is fake is the pixelated area around the corners if you really zoom in. Another problem with launching this product is the fact there’s no actual new processor for it, like a Snapdragon 836, which was rumored a lot over the past year.

[via Slashleaks]

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