iOS 13 Concept Features Dark Mode, Picture in Picture on iPhone, Multi Users on iPad (Video)

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We’ve covered so many concept phones, tablets and foldables sometimes, but we forgot to show you some legit OS and UI concepts. The latest such novelty comes from AppleiDesigner and Skyline News and iOS 13 includes some features that people have been demanding for a while now, on both iPads and iPhones.

iOS 10 was the last big update, with 11 and 12 completing it basically. iOS 13 is said to be truly special and the concept version of it here shows no less than 40 new features. To make it easier to spot them, I decided to make a list below. Here’s what’s new in iOS 13:

  • customize lock screen elements
  • Always On Display for OLED devices
  • redesigned status bar
  • system wide dark UI/ new icons
  • Siri becomes less intrusive
  • Picture in Picture on iPhone
  • minimized volume menu
  • Dark Mode/ Black theme all over, iPad included
  • new Apple Music, with Dark theme
  • Smart Detection of objects for the camera
  • Pause video recording
  • Close all apps
  • Siri suggestions in Messages
  • Multi users on iPad
  • Magic Mouse support on iPad

And that’s only some of those we decided to cover here, with a few more left out. The Dark Theme is supposed to save a lot of battery for OLED devices, while Picture in Picture is welcome on the iPhone for multitasking. Closing all apps for multitasking is a no brainer and Apple Music badly needed a reorganizing of its areas. All in all a pretty legit update, that could make waves, if all these features become real.

I guess we’ll learn more in June at WWDC 2019.

[via ConceptsiPhone]

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