HP Marconi Smartphone Envisioned by Antonio de Rosa as Galaxy Note 9 Killer

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HP used to make a few decent PDAs back in the days, but they failed miserably on the smartphone market. Now they’re back with a device dubbed HP Marconi, that’s rendered by Antonio de Rosa, as a concept of course. It seems like it wants to be a Galaxy Note 9 killer.

The device is packed with specs to the gills, coming with a 20 megapixel selfie camera with face recognition, that’s placed to the side of the screen. At the back there seems to be some Nokia technology, as the device packs a 48 megapixel shooter with Zeiss Trio lens. WiFi6 and 5G are here to ensure the highest level of connectivity.

There’s no notch here and we’re using a full height Hi-Density screen. Then there’s also the stylus support, with 4096 levels of pressure. The device is available in 3 colors: iridium blue, aluminum black and copper gold. It feels a bit like a Surface Phone mixed with the Essential Phone and there’s a lot of well placed metal in here.

The stylus bundled with it looks more professional than the plasticky S Pen that Samsung provides. I have a feeling that this device weighs a lot… and also would cost a lot.

[via Antonio de Rosa]

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