iPad Air 3 Design Proposed by Rishi Ramesh; Feels Like a Bigger LG Vu!

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I have a lot of phone and tablet designs memorized in my head and I can identify any new concept by comparing it to an older device. Such is the case with the iPad Air 3 concept below, that I instantly associated with the LG Vu phablets.

iPad Air 3 concept 1

Created by Rishi Ramesh, this render feels like a bigger version of the LG Vu, most likely because of the “fat” and stocky approach. I can’t exactly tell if we’ll have an iPad Air 3 or not this year, most likely because an iPad Pro would be pushed out as the bigger iPad, while the Mini model would only be revamped. After all the iPad Air 2 is still pretty much perfect, right?

iPad Air 3 concept 2

Anyway, the designer of the iPad Air 3 shown here imagines some overkill specs, like 3 GB of RAM, 2K display with 3D graphics and a 10.2 inch diagonal, although I doubt Apple would give up on the 9.7 inch format. The CPU inside is the probably the most realistic bit, an Apple A9x chipset, by the way. There’s a 13 MP rear camera with dual tone flash, that may become a reality on slates in 2016 or 2017, I’d say.

Is there room on the market for a squarer iPad?

iPad Air 3 concept 3

iPad Air 3 concept 4

[via ipadair3update.com]

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