The Drone Phone is More Than a Remote Control for a Drone

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Everybody is talking about drones today, well maybe a bit less than they did a few years ago, but still they’re a big deal. The Drone Phone concept shown below is meant for the fans of the quadrocopters and other such machines.

drone phone concept 1

This model was created by designers Joe Sardo and Frederico Bruni. This smartphone makes the interactive remote flying of a drone more intuitive. It does that by shaping up the concept phone like a drone, as shown here. The square-ish device gets 4 extensions, used to control the height, speed and direction of the quadrocopter, as well as monitor battery life.

drone phone concept 2

There’s a built in camera on the drone, with a feed being sent straight to the Drone Phone. The buttons on the sides of the phone seem to be similar to the ones of a PlayStation joystick, if you ask me. One may say that this device is a bit useless, because an app can do what it does, with virtual controls. In the end, it’s a sort of a gimmick, that makes it a cuter joystick basically.

The thing is that you can’t avoid buying it, since it’s bundled with the drone.

drone phone concept 3

drone phone concept 4

[via Yanko Design]

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