iPad Pro 2 Concept Tablet Features Dual Camera, 4K Display (Video)

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Now that the phone concepts are on hold, on account of the holidays, we may as well talk about tablet concepts, like the iPad Pro 2 shown below. Created by Armend Lleshi, this slate is also specced by the designer and comes with a 10.5 inch screen, that offers a 4K resolution and more hardcore specs, listed below.


This tablet comes with a 12.000 mAh battery, a brand new design and opts for 6 GB of RAM and an Apple A10X processor, as well as 64, 128 or 256 GB of storage. There’s a 5 MP front facing camera, a lighter overall package and a dual camera at the back. Availability is now in 6 colors, like Jet Black, Black, White, something called Wine, Gold and Rose Gold.


Such a device would certainly become more useful if its gets features like those offered by Project Tango or Intel RealSense devices. This means they would be able to perform 3D mapping, which we’ve already seen on tablets made by Acer for example. The design seems to mirror the one of the iPhone 7 Plus, but on a larger scale and I’m pretty convinced there’s no audio jack here.

Rendering and editing 3D objects would be the core point of the tablet.




[via Armend Lleshi]

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