Samsung Galaxy S8 Rendered With Ultra Narrow Bezel by KingwayLee

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All the of rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S8 seem to agree that the device is going to sport a very narrow bezel screen. Now those rumors and leaks are turned into reality by designer @KingwayLee. He envisions a curved display Galaxy S8 with almost non existing top and bottom bezel.


The profile is very slim and we even spot a new set of icons on the screen, unless our eyes have gone bad. Previous rumors said that Sammy was about to give up on the Home button and put the fingerprint sensor within the screen panel. Others say that sensor is going at the back. In this concept it seems we are still getting the button, but in a very discrete fashion, below the screen.


Interestingly, the iPhone 8 is also said to look the same, rounded edges and all, plus narrow top and bottom parts. There’s still something to consider here: Apple doesn’t like repeated transitions, so switching from physical Home button to touch one in one year and switching again in the next is not their style. As far as Samsung goes, I think they’re in dire need of a dual speaker system with stereophony on their Galaxy S8.





[via Gizmochina]

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