Sony Xperia XA 2 Gets Rendered, Ahead of Potential Release at CES 2017 (Video)

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Leave it to good old @OnLeaks to publish renders of not yet launched or even rumored smartphones. Today we come across the Sony Xperia XA 2, or at least a potential follow-up to the Xperia XA from last year. Let’s see what the fuss is all about.


The format is rather typical of Sony, rectangular, with slightly curved edges and the back also has a slight vibe of Xperia XZ. A very narrow bezel screen is expected, plus dual front speakers, the usual from Sony. Nice to see the audio jack present at the top, after so many models that sacrificed it. The strange thing is that there’s something looking like a speaker grille at the bottom edge.


The camera seems pretty run of the mill, the main one I mean. People have been asking Sony to come up with a new design language for years now, but when they finally did, they simply changed materials and kept making rectangular phones, that were less glossy than before. Well, at least they’re not copying the iPhones or the Xiaomi Mi MIX just yet.

The slots may be accessible without requiring a metal key, like on the Xperia XZ. We’ll see at CES 2017!



[via Slashleaks and @OnLeaks]

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