iPhone 12 Concept Gets New Design, 6 Cameras, Holographic Display

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We’re back with an iPhone 12 concept, after a period of not seeing so many Apple concepts featured here. This time it’s supposed to be a truly futuristic smartphone, that even packs a holographic display. It comes with a 6 camera setup that resembles the Galaxy S20 Ultra one and we have more details below.

The design was created by ConceptsiPhone and Technizo and feels a bit like a throwback to the concepts we used to see back in the iPhone 6 days. It’s got a more rounded top side and the bottom feels like the iPhone 4 even. The camera at the back is clearly inspired by the Galaxy S20 ultra and the screen continues on the sides, with the waterfall approach. At the top there’s a holographic projector, that will probably kill the battery in a matter of hours. From what I can see, this iPhone 12 concept lacks buttons and ports, so there’s that.

It also shows icons on the sides of the screen, like a secondary notification screen would. We don’t have specs, but I can easily guess there’s at least a main 64 MP camera here, if not even 108 MP. I’d easily add a large zoom camera, an ultra wide one and also a Bokeh and Macro shooter. I feel that the hologram is a bit much and Apple would never risk launching a mainstream phone with a battery killing feature. Also somehow there’s still a SIM card slot on board, even though eSIM makes more sense for a futuristic phone.

Volume buttons seem virtual this time around and they’re probably not very comfy, like we’ve seen on the Huawei Mate 30 Pro. Those actually took a while to get used to, but in the end we could live with that function.

via ConceptsiPhone/ Technizo

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