iPhone 12 Pro Has Under Display Camera, Dark Teal Hue

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Time to see those iPhone 12 Pro concepts again! This one has been created by Donel Bagrov and it has all the bells and whistles one needs, plus more. There’s a 120 Hz refresh rate screen, plus the added bonus of the under display camera. We have more below.

This is no regular screen, it’s a Pro Retina XDR display, with a larger res, crisper image and hopefully not a battery drainer. The quad back camera is actually interesting, with an extra mechanism below it, probably an AR one. The hue seen here is more business like, Dark Teal. The designer also detailed the camera:

  • 64 MP main sensor
  • 32 MP, ultra wide camera, with OIS
  • Portrait camera with 2x optical zoom
  • Lidar Scanner
  • 5X optical zoom camera

Slow Motion gets a boost, probably to the 1000 or 2000 FPS rate and the device can also shoot in 8K now. There are no more volume buttons, so you gently tape and slide on the side to make that work. There’s a 5 nm CPU inside and somehow 2 hours more of battery life compared to iPhone 11 Pro.

Reverse charge is also finally part of the package. Expect to hear more about this designer and also about this design. Very well done!

via Behance

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