iPhone 12 Pro Max Gets Rid of Notch, Gets Wider, Bigger in Diagonal

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Even though rumors are rather mixed, there’s a slight chance we may get to see a notch free iPhone in 2020. It may end up looking like the iPhone 12 Pro Max shown by designer Techconfigurations in the video below.

First of all, there’s no notch and the front camera is placed in a punch hole. We also get an in display fingerprint scanner and a 6.7 inch wide screen. This is quite the wide phone, so I’m not sure how comfy it is. It also gets a redesigned Mute button and very, very narrow bezels. By the way the punch hole is everything but intrusive, so at least that’s fine. We get the Apple A14 5 nm processor inside and there will be two of these on the market next year, since Huawei also makes a 5 nm CPU, the Kirin 1020.

I see a slight return of the iPhone 5 edges, sides and frame, while the back side remains matte like on the iPhone 11 Pro. The earpiece is almost invisible and the triple back camera also gets a ToF sensor as an extra. It combines a 12 MP sensor with a 12 MP telephoto cam with 3X optical zoom (hopefully) and 16 MP ultra wide camera. While all of these make sense and then some, Apple will probably find a way to sell us the same notch and format for one more year…

The square camera is probably back again. Expect a larger battery on account of the 5G power hunger.

via Techconfigurations

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