iPhone 14 Pro Mini is a Phone We Haven’t Thought Of (Concept)

While the iPhone 14 Mini will be canned this year in favour of an iPhone 14 Max, it turns out that we may see another Mini in the end. Designer 4RMD seems to believe an iPhone 14 Pro Mini is in the cards and went as far as to design his own vision of the device. You can check it out below, also in a video at the end.

iPhone 14 Pro Mini is shown here as an atypical device, with a protruding back camera with square module. It keeps the punch hole and oval cutout for the Face ID mechanism and selfie camera, which replace the notch. We’re dealing with a 5.5 inch smartphone with Pro cameras, a new 48 MP main camera and 8K video capture. There’s a Ceramic Shield for protection and thin bezels for the device. The screen is a ProMotion one with refresh rate up to 120 Hz.

The battery life is supposed to be generous, as the battery capacity is 3815 mAh and charging takes place at 35W. There platform of choice here according to the designer is iOS 16. Another 16 is the Apple A16 Bionic CPU, the fastest chip in a smartphone. My only question is if it’s the Apple A16 that’s a slightly upgraded Apple A15, present on the iPhone 14 and 14 Max, or the new Apple A16 Pro, with a bigger upgrade and new cores.

Available in 5 colors, the device comes in Graphite, Color, Silver, Alpine Green and Purple. In the video below you can also see the brand new purple color choice of iPhone 14 series, according to the designer. Honestly, I find it hard to think that people want a Mini iPhone anymore, after the last few Minis didn’t quite catch on.

via 4RMD

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