iPhone 14 Ultra Concept Stuns; Antonio de Rosa Shows a Video Of It

Reputed Italian designer Antonio de Rosa is back with a new iPhone concept, this time one dubbed iPhone 14 Ultra. Turns out that a Pro and a Max don’t cut it anymore. Even OnePlus is rumored to launch a OnePlus 10 Ultra this year, while the Xiaomi 12 Ultra has been postponed a bit. But let’s focus on the iPhone 14 Ultra and see what it has to offer.

The iPhone 14 Ultra chassis is made of black or white ceramic, with a tough polycarbonate coating and a luxurious new look. The device features a 4 lens back camera and an all new design with rounded corners. All the sensors of the selfie camera and Face ID mechanism are hidden in a sort of “bezel pill” at the top that doesn’t cut one millimeter into the screen. This iPhone concept is stylish as hell and judging by the size of the bottom port, it uses an USB-C port this time

I’ll admit that the back camera feels a bit like the OnePlus 10 Pro one, while the side buttons are a bit too angular for my taste. However, I am totally digging the Mute button and its sober approach for some reason. This is definitely a more business styled smartphone, for entrepreneurs and the likes, a more elegant proposal, that somehow even brings back the curves of the iPhone 3GS if you look closely.

The camera lenses are much smaller than the iPhone 13 Pro ones, which may be a problem, unless Apple has found the tech to do it. At least the bezels are crazy slim and also slim are the device’s screen bezels. We may as well see an Apple M Series processor inside, maybe an M2 of sorts.

via Antonio de Rosa

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