iPhone 2.0 Goes Clamshell

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Clamshells are extremely popular right now, in fact, so popular, that we’re surprised that the original iPhone wasn’t a clamshell in the first place. Nothing that can’t be solved with an Apple patent, though. Apple’s most recent patent application is called “Dual sided trackpad” and basically turns the iPhone into a dual touchscreen clamshell, the iPhone 2.0 concept phone if you want.


The cool iPhone above is a Photoshop rendering of Apple’s patent, showing an entirely new concept, that features the display and touch panel as two separate units. Interestingly enough, this panel is touch sensitive on both its sides and a hinge comes into play turning Apple’s hit into a flip phone.

Keep the handset closed and the transparent panel covers the display and makes the phone a regular iPhone, but once you open it, you’ll be able to use the other side of the panel as a multi touch input device.

[via Unwired View]