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3G iPhone Is Curved and White Again

Wow! Check out that 3G iPhone…again?! It’s probably the fifth time I’m seeing the “real” deal handset, so I won’t believe any picture till I see the genuine launch date edition of the device. The iPhone 2.0 is yet again “plasticky” and curved, making rumour for a bigger battery in

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iPhone 2.0 Goes Clamshell

Clamshells are extremely popular right now, in fact, so popular, that we’re surprised that the original iPhone wasn’t a clamshell in the first place. Nothing that can’t be solved with an Apple patent, though. Apple’s most recent patent application is called “Dual sided trackpad” and basically turns the iPhone into

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iPhone 2 Misplaced on iTunes?

While most of the world’s waiting for the 3G version of the iPhone, some of us are already thinking about the next-gen handset produced by Apple. An “iPhone 2” mirage concept surfaced on the Education First Educational Tours page available on iTunes… Well, it’s a Zune-like device placed at the

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MacBook Nano, Better Than MacBook Air?

Well, this concept MacBook Nano you can see below seems to be work of the fellows from Stuff magazine, also responsible for that beautiful PSP Phone I’ve shown you the other day. This may be a conceptual device, but I have two questions for you: what’s with all the hype

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