iPhone 2019 Concept Gets an Extra Edge, Feels Like an LG (Video)

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Now that the iPhone XS and XS Max are available and the iPhone XR is almost here, it’s time to start looking into the future. What will Apple change next year? What direction will they take? Will they adopt triple cameras? Well, Phone Industry tries to provide some answers with this new concept, the iPhone 2019.

Believe it or not, the notch is gone and it’s compensated by cutting into the rest of the bezels, but somehow the device gets a more protruding frame. There’s a new curve here, that makes the iPhone 2019 look slimmer. The camera bump is gone and the new dual camera looks stylish as hell. At its core this is still an iPhone X, with glass back, stainless steel frame, but the finer details have been rearranged.

The hues available here are red, black and cappuccino gold. To me this feels like an LG phone, I don’t know why. The whole metal thing feels like a double glazing of sorts, since there are two types of gloss here: the side gloss and the curved front panel gloss. I love the way the red version mixes with the black front panel. The curve is growing on me more and more, if I keep looking at the device.

It’s a very strange thing. First you’re like “meh” and then you start to like it. It also happened to me with the Xperia XZ2. Still, the big frame and bezel are a bit risk, curve or no curve. In order for this to work, it would need to cut more metal bezel.

[via Phone Industry]

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