iPhone 6 Air Render is Basically a Sheet of Metal (Video)

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Coming from the same Italian guys who made the iPhone 6c, the iPhone 6 Air is the thinnest Apple phone I’ve ever seen. It’s basically a sheet of metal, as crazy as it may sound. As shown in one of the pics below, this device is actually about a fifth of the thickness of today’s iPhone.


Its screen is an edge to edge unit and Setsolution.it did an amazing job here. The iPhone Air has two special flashes at the back, near the camera and a metallic body that measures 1.5 mm in thickness at the top and 3 mm at the base. I’m guessing those buttons are pretty hard to press, seeing how thin they are. The device keeps the Home button and Touch ID and this crazy iPhone concept weighs only 70 grams.

It has a 5 inch Retina display, a 10 megapixel camera with dual flash and its measurements include a 13 cm length and 6 cm width. I also expect a potent next gen CPU inside, but frankly speaking, this is too thin for my taste…


[via Setsolution.it]

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