Nokia Normandy Android Phone Leaks Again

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The Nokia Android phone known as Normandy has been rendered on this site before and it all started with a leak. Now the original source, @evleaks has leaked yet another image of this strange project that may bring Google’s mobile OS to a Nokia device.

Nokia normandy android phone leak

Apparently, Nokia is working on this in the background, till the exclusivity agreement with Microsoft expires. This doesn’t look too covert for me, so maybe it’s just a canned prototype. What’s certain is that we’re dealing with a lower end device, that’s lacking a camera flash and that for some reason only uses a capacitive Back button.

There’s no Home button or Menu button and I noticed there’s no physical camera button either. The device seems to offer the polycarbonate shell typical for a lower end Lumia and the design reminds me a lot of the Nokia Lumia 625. I’m guessing there’s a dual core CPU in the mix, 1 GB of RAM or 512 MB and a 5 megapixel camera. Would this device feel appealing for anyone in 2014?!

[via @evleaks]

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