iPhone 6 With iOS 9 Features 4.7 inch Display, Quad Core Chipset

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Giorgi Tedoradze has come up with a brand new iPhone 6 concept, that frankly speaking sounds a bit like iPhone 7, especially since iOS 9 gets a mention. The handset adopts an aluminum body and measures 6.8 mm in thickness. It weighs 118 grams and it packs a 4.7 inch display.

iPhone 6_11

The 4.7 inch screen supports a 840 x 1436 pixel resolution and we’ve got a brand new iOS 9 that allows you to comfortably use the phone with one hand. It redistributes the screen areas according to your needs, so you can access apps more easily. This iPhone 6 concept relies on a quad core 1.6 GHz processor, an Apple A7 chipset and a Li-Polymer 2450 mAh battery, that offers up to 300 hours of standby and up to 11 hours of talk time.

The camera is a 10 megapixel unit with optical image stabilization and we’ve got a front 2 megapixel shooter as well. The general vibe of the iPhone 4s and iPhone 5 is still here, but this time the On/Off button is on the right side and it’s colourful, for example being golden in the golden version of the phone. The Touch ID is still here and this device seems like it’s dual layered, with a main layer at the top and one below it, as seen from profile.

iPhone 6_8

iPhone 6_7

iPhone 6_6

iPhone 6_5

iPhone 6_4

iPhone 6_3

iPhone 6_2

iPhone 6_1

[via Giorgi Tedoradze]

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